Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No More Leftist Lectures On Science

In the wake of President Bush's vetoing human experimentation, aka "stem cell research" the Left has unleashed tons of its usual tired verbal flatulence into the air about Christianity being anti-science. Somewhere along the way the Orwellian Left has managed, with much undeserved success, to propagandize that having ethics when dealing with science is somehow "giving in to superstition." This most dangerous lie reminds me of a certain scientist who Liberals would probably love. He did many experiments in the same vein as those who wish to do the embryonic stem cell research. He never let a silly thing like Christian belief get in his way. And his name was Dr Mengele. Science without ethics will lead us back to the path he followed. Anyone who thiks otherwise is blind.

The Secularist Left continues its drumbeat about the "evil" "Religious Right" impeding scientific progress. But let's look beyond their Orwellian rhetoric for a moment at the facts.

As I stated in my "Left Forgets/Ignores the East" post, the most advanced civilization on the earth during the Dark Ages from 600-1000 AD was a Christian theocracy that knew the world was round. Yes, I refer to the Eastern Roman Empire, mistakenly named the Byzantine Empire. Science grew by leaps and bounds in this nation where Christ was considered the King and the Emperor merely His Regent on earth. The superior scientific knowledge of the Empire saved its capital, Constantinople, from a more numerous Muslim enemy in its two sieges from 668-675 AD and in 717 AD.

In the 17th century, not only were the Dutch Reform Calvinists (definitely Right Wing Christian extremists to the modern Leftist) the originators of the modern Republic, their Netherlands was the most scientifically advanced nation of its day. You've got to be when you're tiny Holland, but you're the strongest and richest nation on earth. When the 17th century Russian Tsar, Peter the Great, wanted to learn about Western technology, he disguised himself as a common laborer and took factory jobs. One of the places he made sure he spent much time in was the "theocracy" of Holland.

In 1688 hard-core Calvinists launched the Glorious Revolution to reclaim the Puritan notion of Parliametary Supremacy that their grandfathers had won and lost in Cromwell's day. The English appointed a Dutch King, William III, who acknowledged Parliament as his superior. The English monarch has never been above the Representative body since then. Over the course of the next several decades, under the stewardship of its Religious Right, England rose from a backwater barely out of the Middle Ages to supplant the Netherlands as the most advanced nation on earth in the 18th and 19th centuries.

And the piece-de-resistance is America in our own lifetime. Who's technology won out in the end, Judeo-Christian America or Secularist USSR? Even if we accept the Left's historical revision that America was Christianized by Joe McCarthy and Dwight Eisenhower (and this is truly a farce, the Declaration of Independence says we have certain inalienable rights endowed by Our Creator and the SCOTUS ruled in 1892 that America was a Christian country), the fact is, it was Christianized at the time.

So I think we can dispense with the notion that Christianity retards scientific progress. But if we look at the Left, they do not live within the boundaries of the ideals they so loudly proclaim. Science is supposed to be human curiousity, seeking knowledge through finding fact and experimentation.

A group of scientists, some Nobel Prize winners, believed that there were holes in Darwin's theory big eough to drive a truck through. Darwin asserts that small, simple lifeforms evolve into big ones. The problem is, there are no simple lifeforms. Even single-cell life is complex, if small. Darwin himself said that if proved to be the case, his whole theory would collapse. It was Alexander Oparin, a Soviet "scientist" who first proposed that we all evolved from a paramecium. Darwin apparently had more shame than to do that. So a group of scientists say that we've learned a lot since Darwin's day ad that his theories do not fit any longer, and there is much evidece for Intelligent Design. What does the Left do? Goes straight to our corrupt court system and shuts down all debate based on a non-existent law (Separation of Church and State). What's more Darwin also theorized that women and blacks evolved as lesser creatures than white men. We don't seem to be taught that in our schools right now. What do we get taught? The pickings and choosings of the Political Left from Darwin and the theory of one of Stalin's state-sponsored scientists. the Left imposes these lies on us with no right to debate or disagree. Is that scietific? Not in the least. It retards our scientific growth. Is it American? It is not Unamerican, it is Anti-American. And that is all the Left has to offer us.

Let us no longer sit and listen to the Left lecture us on how scientific they are. They squelch new ideas in favor of old and tired beliefs from an Evil Empire. They have no right to talk down to anyone about science.


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