Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Clinton Legacy vs The Reagan Legacy

I remember 1989 and 2001. I remember how in 2001 Bill Clinton was scrambling around like some great booby trying to find his legacy. Ronald Reagan, a humble man, let his legacy speak for itself in 1989. That year the Berlin Wall came down and Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Romania tasted freedom after decades of bitter Soviet occupation.

After the better part of a year trying to convince us how great he was for us, we still only remembered Bill Clinton for his romp with Monica Lewinsky. One might argue that that was all he deserved to be remembered for. I used to agree. The Lewinsky Scandal makes Clinton look like a mere buffoon, like Governor LaPetomaine from "Blazing Saddles" who made it to the White House. But he really deserves to be remembered for his truly most serpentine action, the Chinagate Scandal. John Huang, DNC fundraiser extraordinaire and Red Chinese Agent, sold access to President Clinton in return for donations to the DNC, his '96 presidential campaign and his legal defense fund for the various cases brought about by his sexual harassment. Clinton also sold military technology. That included missile technology. In 1992 the Red Chinese didn't have a missile that could hit Japan with any accuracy. By 2000 they could threaten Los Angeles. And guess who supplied North Korea with the missile technology with which it is currently threatening the Pacific Basin? You guessed it, China.

Not only that. It was the Clinton Administration that negotiated with North Korea back in 1994 the last time it sought nuclear weapons. He gave them some of our uclear technology as well as some fissionable material in return for their sweet promise not to build bombs with it. Any fool who would believe such a promise was never fit to be president. And now we face the danger of North Korean missiles. This is Clinton's legacy.

On the other side of history stood Ronald Reagan. He made the decision as president that we would stand up to the USSR. He asserted that the Soviet Evil Empire could be beaten and forced to relinquish the territory it enslaved. Liberal Democrats laughed at the idea. They saw their Soviet brothers as sophisticated and loved them. They saw Reaganite Republicans from Middle America as cruel bumpkins and despised them.

Reagan said we could build a missile defense shield and thereby negate Soviet nuclear weapon technology. Liberals mocked the idea all the way. They opposed SDI. Much to the regret of the USSR, nobody listened to them. Both Gorby and Anatoly Dobrynin (the man who negotiated for the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis) said that SDI did their cause in (both said so in interviews they gave on the History Channel). Liberal "geniuses" got especially snarky, acting like they were so smart and anyone who didnt see it their way was so dumb. And after being wrong about nearly everything since their love affair with Joseph Stalin, they still act that way. In any event Reagan took on the Communists and the rest is history.

Two legacies are casting their shadow over America today. Bill Clinton's, represented by the missiles North Korea is firing at us and Ronald Reagan's, represented by the missile defense shield rising to protect us. We should honor them both in the manner they deserve.